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Guantanamo, diz-vos alguma coisa? Transcrevo uns recortes de um artigo do site “Cuba e los Derechos Humanos”.

The Illegal United States Naval Base in Guantánamo.

The United States illegally maintains a naval base in Cuba against the will of its people. This facility is situated at the Guantanamo Bay, one of the biggest of Cuba. (…) The bay has good characteristics as far as depth, security and capacity, but at the present, it lacks of strategic importance.

The Platt Amendment, a U.S. Congress´ Law, was imposed to the first Cuban Constitution at the beginning of the 20th century. In December, 1903, the United States took possession, “until they need it”, of the Guantanamo Bay, by means of a one-sided treaty. Since then, and for more than half a century, this base was center to stimulate prostitution, illegal games and drugs.

Since the Cuban Revolution’s triumph in 1959, the Base has been source of provocations and aggressions, from the North Americans troops and the counter-revolutionary elements that have found refuge there, many of them after committing crimes and other misdeeds. In 1961, people from the base murdered a Cuban worker and, less than a year later, a humble Cuban fisherman was kidnapped, tortured and assassinated. Two Cuban soldiers were assassinated in 1964 and 1966 respectively, by shootings made from the Base. The violations of the marine, terrestrial and aerial space committed are several as well as diverse provocations like firings, launching of stones, offences and many others.

The North American troops exercises have caused ecological damages (..) they have even used nuclear submarines. (…) the base was turned into a refugee camp (…).

In many opportunities, the Cuban authorities have declared they will not accept any other negotiation concerning this territory illegally occupied unless the unconditional withdrawal of the foreign troops quartered there against Cuba‘s people will. With equal seriousness, the Cuban government has ratified they will not try to recover its legitimate rights by force and will patiently wait until justice prevails.”



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